SuperMax Couple Pumps

Code No. : ZY001

High-end Finger Grip Vacuum Pump & Nipple Pump Quick Disconnect Hose with Fitting

Interchangeable with other pumps, cylinders and accessories by REALOV

Acrylic Cylinder (different color/ length/diameter available )
with Vacuum Valve which holds suction even after the pump is disconnected.

Inside width (diameter) :
5.0cm / appro.2.0 inch
5.5cm / appro.2.15inch
6.5cm / appro. 2.5 inch

Cylinder Length
23 cm / 9 inch
28 cm /11 inch

Vacuum Valve

Silicone Hose and Fitting

Nipple Cylinder with Quick Release Valve

Length(insertable):4.3cm / 1.7inch

Inner Diameter:1.8cm / 0.7inch