REALOV is specializing in the development and production of smartphone controlled sex toys and traditional sex toys. We also have the most complete collection of penis pumps and female pumps.

With our manufacturing site in Shanghai, we have significant advantage in technology development and low cost/high quality production. We commit to combining the product safety, functionality and fashion design.

Some of REALOV products take the world’s leading position,  we have the world’s No.1 :

Video Chat + Remote Control Smart Vibrators
APP Controlled Vibrators for all Iphone & Android Smartphone

Sliding Touch PPC Bullet Vibrator
Remote Sound Activated Vibrator
Remote Sound Activated Butterfly Vibrator

 ------ With the passion for art and beauty, REALOV integrates elegance and fashion in each of our products.

 ------ By utilizing cutting-edge technology, REALOV brings each user a superior user experience.