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REALOV has companies in Wilmington, USA, and Shanghai, with first-class industrial designers, graphic designers, technologists, and engineers of various types of work jointly designing and developing. REALOV also has a production base in Shanghai, dedicated to the design and production of high-end sex toys that combine safety, functionality and fashion. REALOV has a number of invention patents; Utility patent; Patent of appearance. A number of products have the world's leading position.

REALOV owns:

The world's first IPHONE & Android dual system wireless phone jump egg (patent)

The world's first all-inclusive adhesive wireless mobile phone remote control egg jumping (patent)

World's first I-TOUCH sliding Induction Jumping Egg (Patent)

World's first remote control voice-controlled jumping egg (patent)

The world's first remote control voice control wearing butterfly (patent)

----- Out of love and dedication to beauty, REALOV integrates elegance and fashion into every sex toy.

----- Through technological innovation and cutting edge technology, REALOV continues to bring more modern product design to consumers in order to achieve a cooler user experience.

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